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It’s Spring, Time To Ween Myself Off The Heat!

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So, they say spring is here. It’s time to change up the routine! Bun through the week…..twistout on the weekends. Yeh, I know, the hubby likes it straight, but he’s so understanding. Trying to straighten my hair in warm weather….not feeling it. So, if for some odd reason we get a burst of cool air, then maybe. So, it’s time to take advantage of your protective styles….be creative…try new things! I’m excited. I do enjoy wearing my hair down, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that if it is hot, and my hair is straight, it constantly feels like something is crawling on me and my scalp gets all itchy from perspiration! I know, it sounds gross, but that’s me. So, here’s what I did. You already know right? I trimmed my hair. I know, you’re thinking girl you are never going to get to midback!! Just trust me, I don’t want just length, I want thickness. These trims will help me achieve that. So, lets say we will straighten our hair in say…..2….and a half, maybe 3 months and see where we are. Stay tuned….this should be interesting!

Flat Ironed Hair Results

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Sorry so late posting guys! New flat iron being used is the Croc Infrared Flat Iron. It allows me to adjust my temp. to 410, my other one did not. I seperated my hair after blowdrying into four sections and applied my Chi44 Iron Guard. Enjoy! (Warning****pic heavy!)

hair before blowdrying
Wet Texture


Still brastrap length!!

That’s all Folks!

Prep for Flat Iron

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So, if you have been blogging with me from the beginning, then you know that I consider my wash day as being “pampered”. Well, today I went through my “flat iron prep” routine. Let me explain:

On my co-wash day, I decided to do an egg treatment on my hair for added strength. I learned the hard way last time when I did this treatment on flat ironing day along with the 2-minute reconstructor by Aphogee. You can tell to the touch it was too much protein! So, I decided to seperate the egg treatment and do it before my “full” washday. So, today, having that out the way, I pre-poo’d first with just some cheap conditioner, did my workout and then applied the Dr. Miracle’s Acai hot oil treatment (it’s new). I let that sit in for a while with a plastic cap over my head, and then washed it out with Aphogee Damage Shampoo. Next, the reconstructor by Aphogee, and then I rinsed it out. Next, my deep conditioner. I decided to add pure honey to my Elasta QP SoyOil Deep Condtioner (about 2 tbsps) Honey is a natural moisturizer, and it adds great shine and body. I then sat under the hooded dryer with a plastic cap and waited about 30 to 40 minutes. I then proceeded to rinse out the conditioner, and I used a micofiber turbon to dry my hair. I then prepared my hair for blow drying by doing the following:

1. apply leave ins
2. thouroughly spray hair with Got 2be 425 degree Blow dry Lotion protectant (awesome stuff ladies!!!)
3. section hair into 4 parts and detangle
4. start blow drying in small sections on med. heat
5. when blowdrying is complete, spray on my Chi44 Iron Guard flat iron spray and pin hair back up and let spray dry

All this is done before flat ironing my hair on 410 degrees farenheit. I only do one pass. (rarely do I do two) The blowdrying helps me not have to run the iron through my hair so many times. I will post pics when I am done. I hope it holds up!

I’ve been bad, but it was sooooooooooo good!

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Looking at pet stores, and we got hungry! This spring break stuff is killing me! I am definitely going to have to hit my workout extra hard when the kiddies go back to school!

Brother’s Pizza Express
Mills Rd @ Perry
Houston, Texas

Update, Update, and Update!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you guys in on what’s been going on with me. First, thank you to all my old and new followers for finding me interesting! Whatever your reason for blogging with me, I hope it has been inspirational to you in some form or fashion. So…………..we’ve been blessed to make it through the rainy weekend, now what? So, my hubby has taken the whole week off to distress (is that a word?) …so I want to spruce up the hair while he is off. Of course, that means my twist out. Now, I won’t be wearing it out everyday, maybe twice through the week and then the weekend. Before I get into this coming weekend, let me update you guys on my workout routine. I mentioned before that I no longer jump-rope (just too much bouncing around for me)lol. I workout on the treadmill for 45 minutes (twice a day). Sometimes, I try to change up the routine, yes even on a treadmill, I will walk for a minute, then sprint for a minute on a 7% incline, and gradually increasing the speed by .5mph (3.5, then 4.0, etc.) I do this on and off throughout the workout. I have now incorporated squats in my routine, OH MY GOODNESS! Who knew!? I do 5 sets of 5 three times a week, and when I tell you the soarness!!! I hope this pays off!
Anyway, back to the hair update. It has been 6 weeks, yes, 6 long weeks since I have straightened my hair with the flat iron. The henna application was a “FAIL”. I will not attempt it again, I will stick to my indian clay treatments. Don’t ask. So, I will be praying that I can straighten my hair this weekend. I also have not trimmed my hair since I did the chop. I have gone back to co-washing midweek because the workouts have just been too much on my hair. It craves that moisture through the week. I started properly taking care of my hair in September of 2009. Sometimes I feel as though I should know more or have mastered more on haircare, but the truth is, we are always learning. I do not wish to go back to relaxers though. I enjoy how I can switch up. It has been 22 months since I last had a chemical relaxer. Someone said the “natural hair crave” is just a fad, and we all will eventually go back to, according to this individual “the creamy crack”. I personally believe it is lazy haircare that damages our locks not the relaxer itself when applied properly. Everyone’s schedule just doesn’t allow them to be “natural”. Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully, there will be pics when I flat iron. Toodles!