Month: January 2012

What We Believe

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Being a member of the “body of Christ”, according to Colossians 1:18, I found it interesting to learn that some people view the church of Christ as a “borderline” cult! So, I thought I’d share the video below: (for time sake, you can skip over the congregational singing)


Protein Overload!

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Hey guys, I didn’t take any photos of my flat-ironed hair this past weekend, but it turned out ok. I did my regular wash, but in addition to the aphogee 2-min. reconstructor, I did the egg treatment.
BIG M-I-S-T-A-K-E! I think it was too much protein for one wash day. I should have done it on seperate washes. My hair felt harder than usual. Yes, I did a deep condition, but again…protein overruled! Lol. That night when I came in…my hair was like Diana Ross’s!! It definitely didn’t have as much oil as I usually do. I can tell it was lacking moisture. (I know my hair enough to recognize this) You can say I almost “over” protected my hair from the flat ironing. Next time, I will alternate with the protein. So, I also found this website to help me decide when it is best to flat iron: Unfortunately, I found this site after my hair blew up like Diana!

All In The Name of Love

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So, today is the beginning of the 3rd week in January.  I’m almost there! You know, not flat ironing my hair until February, and then my mind goes on a guilt trip over my husband’s request…..why don’t I straighten my hair.  “Oh, you look beautiful with the pincurls,” he says BUT…….when I wear my hair straight it reminds him of the “hair being a woman’s glory”.  He said he likes when my “glory” shows. Lol.  But…but….what about my healthy hair journey???  Well, he says he likes both styles, he definitely respects me trying to grow healthy, natural hair, but I guess he just would like to see it straightened (since I rarely do it).  So, I may be flat ironing this weekend Lord willing.  I still will not be cutting my ends again until February though (end of ) If I flat iron, I will do the egg treatment for added protein.  As for the washing once a week.  It went really great! I mean, perfect.  My scalp was a lil itchy after work outs, but not so bad til it drove me to the shampoo sink.  I kept it very moisturized and just pinned it up.  So, maybe that will work for a while.  It also helps my products to last longer.  I know some of the ladies on their hair journey who only shampoo once a month!  Ummmm, not for me.  So, for the love of my life, I may pull out the heat next weekend.  What we do for love!

Still Rocking It

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So, it is day 3, and I am still styling the bun. I skipped the co-wash this week which has been “different” for me. lol I just put in my leave in moisturizer and re-bun it. When I tell you I am so looking forward to wash day!! My workouts last a lil over an hour a day, (very sweaty scalp!) and I was so tempted to wash, but I said no, I must overcome! So, we will see how it goes and this weekend……the pincurls are coming back! (maybe) Here is a run down of how my wash day will go Lord willing:

pre-poo (condition overnight w/plastic cap)
shampoo hair next morning with Aphogee
apply hair rinse (temp. color)
do Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor
Rinse, and deep condition 30 min. to an hour
rinse, apply leave-ins and rollerset
sit under hair dryer for about 60 to 90 minutes
we’re done!
Style in pincurls or……you guessed it “the bun”!

I Surrender

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So, I gave in and rocked my high bun. Basically, when I wear my hair in a bun, I feel sort of “undone”? I feel like I woke up and just threw myself together. I guess that’s okay sometimes, right? Now, thru the week, I will not have my hair in a bun, but maybe just a french roll to ease the tension w/the pulling from the hairband. I will be thinking of other creative ways I can wear my hair, but I am already missing my pincurls. (sniff-sniff). I wish I knew how to cornrow. I bet a cornrow braidout would be gorgeous! When I do braidouts, the bottom is wavy but near the scalp is not, and that is because I really don’t know how to braid. So, whenever I try to wear it….it’s a fail. Well, we live and learn. Again, I will not be co-washing this week. I will do a full wash on the weekend Lord willing. I will also be doing a hot oil treatment. So, we will see how that goes, and hopefully my hair will thank me for it.

Whew! I’m Dying Over Here!

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Well, I decided to skip the month of January from doing my once-a-month flat ironing. I am shedding like mad! I washed my hair, and when I tell you so many long strands came out! My hair is just a hot mess! I need to invest in a serious leave in moisturizing cream for curly (natural) hair. The shedding doesn’t really bother me, I mean come on, I am almost 2 years without a chemical relaxer! (19 months exactly) So, the shedding, not a shocker, but the tangles!! Why all of a sudden? I’ve decided my hair needs a break from the pincurls. In order for me to get my pincurls I have to twist the hair around and up my finger, maybe that is just too much right now? I am also only going to wash once a week for awhile to see if that cuts down on the need to detangle. Who cares about the workouts?! I figure washing once a week means less manipulation. As for the sweaty hair and scalp after workouts…..we will just have to wait and see! I’ve got to step my game up! I can’t keep handling my hair like I’m relaxed, I need to go ahead and think like I’m “fully natural”. Maybe I need to just go ahead and go for the “wash and go”? I need to give my hair a rest is all I know. I didn’t want to do it, but I feel forced to surrender to…………”the bun”. I said I would not fall victim to the quick fix of throwing my hair into a bun, but man, it just seems like a big nest in there! lol I know what I need to do….hot oil treatment. I need to buckle down and treat my scalp and hair to a hot oil treatment! Lord willing, that is priority on my to-do-list. So, I need to research a good leave in moisturizer and purchase a hotoil treatment. Maybe I’m not dying after all, just a lil heartburn to get the creative juices flowing eh?

My Hair Regimen and Products Update

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Ok, so by the grace of God we are here in 2012, and I would say it’s time to clean out the closet. I know when we first started our hair journey we tried so many different products, and some worked for us and some didn’t. I have decided that less is more for me. So, let me share with you all what I’ve decided to stick with:

Shampoo – Aphogee for damaged hair
Reason: I am using this shampoo to help with my transition, I also color my hair, and also I flat iron my hair once a month on a 400-410 degree temp.

Deep Conditioner – I am back to my first love, Elasta QP SoyOil Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Reason: the amount of product for the money is just too economical, and the ingredients are superb

Treatments – Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor
Reason: I am transitioning and I need something to strengthen that line where relax hair meets new growth

Every now and then I will do a protein treatment with eggs and olive oil

My Leave Ins:

Joico K-pak Reconstrutor
Reason: this is a foam leave in that protects and repairs the hair from color and heat usage

Motions Leave in Moisturizer
Reason-natural hair needs that extra moisture

John Frieda Frizz Ease
Reason: this is only when I do my pincurls and no heat is used to tame frizziness, once I run out however, I will not repurchase…too expensive for the amount

Got2b Guardian Angel Blow-Out Lotion:
Reason: have you tried it!? This tames that new growth when doing rollersets

Chisilk 44 Iron guard
Reason – my only heat protectant b4 flat ironing

Aphogee Gloss Therapy
Reason – mends split ends

These products are applied at different times depending on how the hair is being styled. For example, if I am not flat ironing, I don’t use the gloss therapy nor the chisilk iron guard. When I co-wash I don’t do the aphogee 2 min. reconstructor, and so on. I haven’t really committed to any natural oils, I use whatever I have in stock at the time. I cut my hair again this past December, I will not cut it again until after February. I am noticing that the more relaxed hair I cut off, the more my pincurl set looks like an afro. lol I told my husband, I can’t believe he doesn’t care that my hair looks like an afro! He said I was just fine. I thought that was too cute. (don’t ask, but I did) If you would like more product information on Aphogee, here is the link: Happy hair growing!