Month: October 2012

Beauty Haul

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Just wanted to share with you guys some items I picked up. I thought the nail polish colors below were so beautiful! The brand is Wet N Wild Megalast. It has a neat flat brush instead of the typical one that comes with nail polishes. From left to right: Wet n wild 216B (under your spell) Wet n Wild 208B (through the grapevine) Wet n Wild 204B (private viewing) and lastly Wet n Wild 206C (undercover) Who thinks of these names right?! lol Anyway, thought they were really neat colors.

Wet N Wild Colors
Next is my latest perfume choice. Versace in “Bright Crystal” For some reason I thought this scent would be heavy and strong, and I started not to get it at first, but it is actually quite light.
Versace Brght Crystal
I found this glitter colored nail polish and thought it to be pretty as well. It is clear with glitter so you may use this as a topcoat after applying a red base coat:
It is called “There’s no place like home” (I’m assuming because of the glitter mirroring the Wizard of Oz) It says “Fergie” on the front so I am assuming it is Fergie’s collection. Lastly I picked up this body cream from Walmart because I ran out of my original bath n body works collection (too lazy to go back) but it smelled wonderful. The reason I purchase my body butter in the mall is simply there is more variety than walmart, and the consistency is thicker and smell (in my opinion) lasts longer.


No Heat For Me!

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Hello everyone, so fall is here, and winter is on it’s way right? I think it’s time to step up my hair game. I will not be putting any heat of any kind (not even rollersets) on my hair for 4 weeks. I will be using my oils and doing my deep conditioning. I am going to do my aztec clay treatment Lord willing this weekend. I trimmed last weekend. I know, I know, but it had been a while since I trimmed. I don’t believe I needed to though. Since I am starting my no heat challenge, I like to start with fresh ends. Hopefully, I will gain it back and thicker ends. Here is what I found my current regimen to do for me:

1. I’ve noticed less shedding
2. my hair has been so soft
3. hair has so much body

I still moisturize and seal. The products I use however is BOBOS REMI Leave-In Conditioner formulated with Macadamia oil, Panthenol, and Jojoba Oil help penetrating deep into the hair shaft where it displacing water and constricts the hair. I then seal with elasta qp mango butter. I now deep condition with Bobos Remi Tea Tree Deep Conditioning Treatment. It is designed to help repair damaged hair. It contains Tea Tree Oil, Oat Protein and Provitamin B5 to maintain healthy hair. I still co-wash thru the week. I use my Elasta QP Soyoil deep conditioner for that. I do take a woman’s multivitamin as well. So that has been it. I don’t do anything long and drawn out. So, won’t you join me to healthier hair? Oh come on, it’s just for four weeks!! lol. Let me know if you notice any results!

Hair Update

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Despite the crappy way I felt this past weekend, I managed to straighten my hair. I enjoyed it. It seemed to be full of body, I have learned to limit my products. I will update you guys on what I use now. My hair routine is stupid simple. I haven’t trimmed my ends in months! I have gotten over the scissor happy phase, and decided I will trim when I need it, and so far so good. I still use my Croc Infrared Flat Iron at a 410 degree tempature, and before flat ironing, I do blowdry my hair on “cool”. I always wash and deep condition before flat ironing. I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER flat ironed on dirty hair. As for my length, if my curl is pulled out, it reaches maybe a 1/2 inch past my bra, so maybe another 2 inches or so, and I would be midback or braising it? But you know, it’s ok. My husband watched me flat iron my hair, and he just shook his head. “Looks tiredsome” is what he said. Lol, yes, it was!


The Perks of Cold and Flu Season

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I know, what on earth can be good about being ill??? Well, I’ve just been feeling horrible which explains the no blogging from me. :-[…….. All the coughing has me so icky feeling in the tummy. I have had no appetite, everything taste salty and just blah!! So, thankfully my hubby says he has dinner tonite. The menu? Grilled cheese and soup. Believe it or not, it sounded delish! So he pulls out the sandwich press and velveeta, and he goes to town making three types of soup (ok, from the can, but stay with me here) I go for the vegetable soup. I was just so glad I didn’t have to come up with dinner. The kids loved it! I ate a few bites, I felt spoiled, but I couldn’t eat anymore because this cold has everything just tasteless! I was thankful still. I have to get better though so I can enjoy the bike riding with the hubby on my birthday. Yes, the challenge for me? How to stuff all this hair in my helmet!??? I’ll work something out I’m sure of it. Praying I get better soon….

Still at It

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So, hey guys! It’s been a few I know. I have still been trying to change my eating habits, and so far so good. Today I decided to put my grilled chicken on greenage. It’s been kind of difficult trying to be creative and still fix foods my family will enjoy. So far, I have replaced beef tacos with grilled chicken with 2% cheese and fat free sourcream instead of the original. I haven’t fried any chicken in months! Instead, I have been baking it in the bag with potatoes and veggies. Hotwings are even baked vs. the fried I use to do for our Friday nite “fun nite” meals. When I make dessert, it is usually geared towards the weekend now. I still have not weighed myself, really don’t intend to except at a professional dr. weigh in. (around November/December) I understand this is a slow and steady process. I just know I had to start somewhere! It gets frustrating at times, but consistency is key!